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Relief. Restoration. Renewal.

the 3 phases of care

Relief Care

If there's one thing that Chiropractic Care is well known for, it's fast relief from pain and discomfort! Not only that, but this relief is safely and naturally obtained without the use of any drugs or surgery. Why is this important?


Did you know:


Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving over-the-counter (OTC) drugs can kill you?


  • Acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol, Excedrin, and more than 600 medications) causes liver damage even when taken properly. From 2006 to 2013, acetaminophen killed more people than all other OTC drugs combined, and since 2006 those dying accidentally from taking too much of this common drug continually surpasses the number of those committing suicide due to intentional overdose. Acetaminophen is the leading cause of acute liver failure in the US.

  • Ibuprofen (the active ingredient in Advil, Motrin, Nuprin, Pamprin, etc) not only damages your kidneys, but also actually creates inflammation of your intestinal tract, often leading to a condition known as "Leaky Gut" related to food sensitivities, allergies, and whole-body chronic inflammation and disease. But even more frightening is the fact that ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) pose such a risk of heart attack and stroke that even those without coronary issues are at peril. The FDA had to strengthen its warnings for NSAIDs in 2015, since even the very short-term use of products like Advil and Motrin can be fatal.

  • Naproxen (the active ingredient in Aleve) causes heart damage by negatively interacting with platelets, the cells that enable blood clots to prevent excessive bleeding and hemorrhage.

  • Aspirin (the active ingredient in Bayer, St. Joseph, Excedrin, Goody's Powder, Lortab, Bufferin, Alka-Seltzer, Anacin, BC Powder, etc), also known as Salicylate or Acetylsalicylic acid, will thin your blood and can help prevent the development of blood clots, BUT can also cause ulcers in your stomach, intestines, and blood vessel walls which can cause you to silently "bleed out" or even lead to a hemorrhagic stroke. Aspirin poisoning, especially dangerous for kids, can lead to seizure or cerebral edema (brain swelling). Still think you should follow the advice of aspirin manufacturer Bayer when they tell you to "take an aspirin a day to help prevent heart attack"? Since research has proven that quality fish oil, vitamin E, and even garlic will do the same thing WITHOUT life-threatening side effects, you might want to think again.

  • You should NEVER use any over-the-counter NSAID for more than 10 days without checking with your doctor, due to the significant risk of damage, disease, and death. 


According to the FDA, even properly prescribed and taken legal prescription drugs

kill 10x more people each year than all illegal drugs combined?



  • Approximately 100,000 Americans die from reactions to prescription drugs each year, making this the fourth leading cause of death in the US (behind heart disease, stroke, and cancer). These include anti-inflammatory drugs such as Diclofenac (Voltaren, Zorvolex), Indomethacin, and Celebrex, and of course the myriad pain killers contributing to our country's deadly opioid crisis.

In contrast, why is safe and natural Chiropractic Care so good at quickly relieving pain and discomfort, even chronic pain affecting your muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissue such as cartilage, ligaments, and tendons? The answer is simple: 

You've got nerve

Lot's of nerve, in fact. And if any of your nerves get irritated, it won't be long before you are too! Nerves and their neurons (nerve cells) comprise the Nervous system, which acts as a control and communication network for your body. Together with your Endocrine (hormone) system, your Nervous system maintains your body's multitude of complex functions and helps you interact with and adapt to your surroundings...controlling everything from how you feel to how you heal.


Your brain and spinal cord make up your Central nervous system (CNS), and are considered the most vital part of your nerve system since they control and coordinate almost all of the signals needed to keep you alive and well, let alone feeling good. In fact, this system is so important that it is the only part of our body completely encased in bone for protection, namely our skull and spinal column/vertebrae. The CNS is connected to the rest of your body through the Peripheral nervous system (PNS). You have several hundred peripheral nerves and billions of neurons that allow communication between your brain and each of the trillions of individual cells making up all of the tissues, organs, and glands which we call "you".

From the chiropractic perspective, the most important of these peripheral nerves are the Spinal Nerves which branch off your spinal cord and exit through tiny openings between each of your vertebrae. They directly connect your spinal cord with the rest of your body. You have just 31 pairs of spinal nerves responsible for transmitting the information which controls ALL of your sensation (pain or numbness/tingling), muscle strength and movement (spasm or weakness), and organ, gland, and blood vessel function which keeps you alive and well. Talk about a big job!


Science has shown that any interference to this nerve communication will negatively impact your health, period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. This commonly includes causing your pain or discomfort, but can also lead to a host of other seemingly unrelated health problems.


Doctors of Chiropractic recognized over 100 hundred years ago that the most common type of interference comes from misalignment and/or abnormal movement of your spinal vertebrae, which is called Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC), or just a subluxation for short. Although you may never even feel it in your back, VSC creates subtle pressure on your delicate spinal nerves and interferes with your brain's communication with your body. Chiropractic Physicians are highly trained to detect and correct this problem, typically by using a very specific form of spinal manipulation called an Adjustment to help free "stuck" or misaligned vertebrae. So, instead of "back doctors", Chiropractors are actually "nerve doctors" who use your spine, or back, as the avenue of approach to correcting this nerve interference and allowing you to feel better fast, function better overall, and heal better than ever before.


If quick comfort is what you're after, you've come to the right place!

Relief is just a phone call or mouse click away. 


Restoration Care


While you may come to me in search of a quick fix for pain or other bodily dysfunction, I will begin helping you by thoroughly searching for the true underlying imbalance CAUSING that pain or health problem. After all, what good is just temporarily relieving your discomfort if it's soon going to return because the actual cause of your spinal dysfunction hasn't been corrected? This is why most of my patients choose a longer-term program of Spinal Restoration Care, designed not only to quickly help you feel better, but to finally fix the underlying issues which actually caused or contributed to your health problem in the first place. And yes, it does take more time, money, and commitment to complete this process...even involving about 15 minutes of "homework" each day...but it is worth it, because YOU are worth it. Aren't you?


My spinal analysis process includes a health history to determine when your spinal dysfunction first began, which may have been as far back as your childhood...or even during your birth process itself (have you ever seen how a baby's neck is twisted during delivery? ). I will physically examine not only your area of pain, but literally check your spinal function, posture, and alignment from head to toe.



Because your current complaint usually isn't really all that current.


Have you ever had a toothache that required a visit to the dentist? Did the underlying problem causing your pain just develop that day, or even a few days or weeks before? Usually not. The dentist will typically discover a "hidden" cavity or damaged nerve in the root of the tooth that was hurting which was months to years in the making. While some spinal problems can be the result of recent trauma or injury, most spinal dysfunction is also years in the making, and is commonly caused by poor postural habits and stressed muscles over time. This affects not only the alignment of your individual vertebra, but causes overall postural shifts in the balance of both your neck and pelvis which prevent your body from properly handling the crushing weight of gravity. What you are feeling now is typically just the "tip of the iceberg", and as you know, it's the hidden danger under the surface which you can't easily see or feel that eventually sinks the ship.

But Doc, is it all in my head?


Well no, not really, but most spinal problems DO involve imbalance of the alignment of your head on your shoulders. Think about this: your head weighs about as much as a bowling ball (10 - 15 lbs) when it is properly aligned and balanced over your shoulders (picture holding up a bowling ball balanced perfectly on a stick). The most common and damaging of postural shifts is when your head begins to fall forward of your shoulders, called "Forward Head Posture". Picture tilting that stick a few inches forward…how much harder is it to hold up that bowling ball now? The weight of your head actually increases by about 15 lbs. for every inch it moves forward. This postural shift causes a tremendous increase in the amount of weight-bearing force placed upon your spinal joints, directly causing:


  • more vertebral misalignment and Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC)

  • irritation to spinal nerves, affecting how you feel and how you heal overall

  • rapid wear and tear decay of spinal joints throughout your spine, not just in your neck (arthritis)

  • weakening and degeneration of your spinal discs (causing them to bulge, herniate, or rupture)

In today's world, Forward Head Posture is commonly caused by looking down at electronic devices too often and for too long, a new malady referred to as "Tech Neck".



1. have a friend or family member look at your posture while standing at your side

2. march in place for a moment and shake your shoulders out to relax and reset your standing posture

3. now stand the way you normally would and look straight ahead (not at "perfect attention" just because someone is watching you!)

4. have the other person note where your head lines up relative to your shoulders

5. Healthy = your "ear hole" lines up perfectly with the mid-line of your shoulder, which is typically where the seam of your shirt is found 

If you really want a healthy spine, you'll also have to put your foot down.

Did you know that "the foot bone is connected to the back bone"? Misalignment of joints in your feet will eventually cause a chain reaction "domino effect" of small shifts in the alignment of other joints in your body as a form of compensation. One of the most detrimental of these shifts, equally as damaging as Tech Neck, occurs due to an imbalance of one or more of the 3 arches in each of your feet. Your feet truly are the foundation of your spine, and faulty foot biomechanics /alignment will negatively impact all weight-bearing joints above the foot and cause ankle, knee, hip, and pelvic problems. Changes in arch height (high arches, low arches, or flat feet) or tilting of your ankles (either inward or outward) will significantly change the balance of your pelvis and spine, and can even cause a shift all the way up to your neck leading to Forward Head Posture itself!  Without correcting this, it is virtually impossible to correct spinal imbalance in the long run. This is why I have invested in the most advanced 3-D laser arch analysis system available in order to evaluate the impact of your feet on your spinal balance. If we find a connection, we will make a correction using comfy, flexible, shock-absorbing custom shoe inserts, designed specifically for your feet to help balance your spine. 


1. stand in front of a mirror, or have a friend or family member look at your posture while standing in front of you

2. march in place for a moment and shake your shoulders out to relax and reset your standing posture

3. now stand the way you normally would and look straight ahead (not at "perfect attention" just because someone is watching you!)

4. have the other person note where your head, shoulders, and hips line up...are they all balanced and level, or are you uneven & tilting ?

5. look for any of the 5 Red Flags listed below 

5 red flags.jpg

Spinal Restoration Care is a gradual process, much like the process required to straighten crooked teeth by wearing braces and slowly increasing pressure over time to create an improvement in alignment.  Restoration Care consists of completing a specific number and frequency of spinal adjustments generally over 6 months (frequency depending on your degree of spinal decay /degeneration), coupled with using home exercises and gentle spinal correction rehabilitation tools designed to strengthen and stabilize your spine...especially to correct Forward Head Posture and any foot faults. These steps are necessary to "reset" the movement patterns of your spine and the way your nervous system is able to respond to the stresses of your life. We also recommend specific joint repair nutrients for optimal healing and lubrication of degenerating vertebrae and discs. Spinal Restoration Care is designed to make you more physically stable and neurologically flexible so you become more able to adapt to everyday stress, which is ultimately the key to a long healthy life. After completing this time-tested program of care, not only will you feel much better, but you will also function and heal much better than ever before.


If you're really in it to win it, then a RESTORATION care program is for you! 


Renewal Care

Once you've put the time and energy into completing a course of Spinal Restoration Care to repair your body from "the sins of your past", doesn't it simply make sense to continue to maintain your new and improved level of spinal and nerve system health? Sadly, most people take the time to maintain their homes or their cars, but not their own body...which is the only true "home" you've got to live in, and the only "vehicle" capable of carrying you along this journey called life.


The daily physical, emotional, and chemical stresses of life put a serious strain on your spinal health and nerve function, which eventually adds up to pain and ill health for the rest of your body. How sturdy of a "home" do you want to be living in when the next stress storm hits? How safe and dependable of a "vehicle" will you invest in to transport you safely all the days of your life? The choice really is up to you.


Spinal Renewal Care is designed to keep you feeling and functioning at your best, all the days of your life. Bi-weekly spinal "tune-ups" are just like the regular maintenance you perform in your home or on your car's vital systems...such as changing the oil to keep all moving parts running smoothly, making sure the tire pressure and wheel alignment are just right to prevent abnormally fast wear or even a blow-out, or fixing a short-circuit or tripped fuse before the house burns down.  


Regular Spinal Renewal Care every 2 weeks is similar to rebalancing your wheel alignment, squirting WD-40 into any stuck or rusty hinges, AND resetting any tripped fuses all at the same time, preventing rapid wear and tear on your spinal joints (arthritis) and avoiding short-circuits in your nerve system (pain, dysfunction, and dis-ease).

Maintaining a healthy habit of regular spinal adjustments has proven to have far-reaching and long-lasting benefits to your health. Studies have repeatedly shown that people who choose to receive regular chiropractic care (regardless of whether they had symptoms or not) can typically expect lots of "side benefits" rather than "side effects", such as:

  • less pain and greater flexibility

  • stronger immune function

  • lower blood pressure

  • more energy

  • better sleep

  • better digestion

  • few to no headaches

  • improved senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch

  • and the list goes on...

The bottom line: your nervous system controls and coordinates every aspect of your feeling, functioning, and healing. Anything which disturbs or disrupts your nervous system will also interfere with your feeling, functioning, and healing. Vertebral Subluxation Complex irritates your spinal nerves, thereby interfering with the nerves' ability to transmit vital information between your brain and your body. While often silent at first, this MAY eventually cause pain, numbness, or weakness, but will ALWAYS contribute to poor health. Regular Chiropractic visits correct this condition and help prevent it from coming back. So...what are you waiting for? Become a chiropractic "Health Nut" today for a better tomorrow! 


Our patients swear by regular spinal tune-ups to help

keep their whole body feeling and functioning at its best

all the days of their life!

Are you ready to finally feel and heal better forever

with RENEWAL care? 

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