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Dr. Michael Wild

Dr. Wild uses a "whole person approach" when taking care of his neighbors throughout the city of Richmond and the surrounding counties, including Henrico, Goochland, Chesterfield, Hanover, Powhatan, and Louisa...from Short Pump to Spotsylvania, and from Charles City to Charlottesville.

Dr. Wild recognizes that your pain and health problems have both internal and external causes, and all of these causes must be detected and corrected for you to really get well and, most importantly, stay well.


By combining the very best advanced diagnostics, hands-on healing techniques, and state-of-the-art treatment procedures, Dr. Wild is able to help you to accelerate your journey to good health faster than you ever imagined possible.


Get all the details under the CARE PLANS tab above.


Dr. Wild's mission is to help people realize that


all health truly comes from within

and ultimately

maintaining your health

is far superior to the treatment of disease.

Don't settle for just feeling better,

when you can

finally feel better and fix it.



dr. wild offers the following services


The Chiropractic healing arts are based on the fact that your nerve system controls and coordinates the health and well-being of every cell, tissue, organ, and gland in your body.


Spinal misalignments and biomechanical dysfunction cause irritation to spinal nerves, interfering with your body's ability to function properly, and ultimately leading to pain and poor health.


Correcting spinal imbalance improves every aspect of your life, from how you feel to how you heal, and is helpful to people of all ages.

Rapid Release Therapy pioneered High Speed Vibration Therapy in 2010 and have found the optimal vibration speed for versatility and results.



The Rapid Release Vibrational Massage tool delivers 10,000 RPM of Powerful, Pain Relieving, Tension Removing, Revitalizing Vibration Therapy.



Rapid Release Therapy products are intended for various medical purposes such as relaxing muscles and relieving minor aches and pains.



85% of Rapid Release Users Get Results They Have Never Achieved Before.




We use Erchonia Lasers for Pain Relief and Rapid Healing, all done "at the speed of light".


Our low-level or "cold" lasers are designed to operate at a low wavelength and intensity to provide an array of healing benefits, without any potential harm.


We use the powers of this innovative technology to target numerous painful or inflammatory conditions, significantly reducing the time it takes your body to heal. Laser light energy can help cells heal faster and more completely anywhere in the body, no matter what condition you may suffer from, including sprained ligaments, damaged spinal discs, and strained muscles and tendons.


The Erchonia XLR8 handheld laser uses low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to alter cellular functions and provide noticeable pain relief FAST. Similar to photosynthesis in plants, laser has a photochemical effect that naturally reduces oxidative stress and increases the production of cellular ATP

( the energy of the cell ) for rapid healing.

Intersegmental traction ( IST ) is an effective, painless chiropractic therapy that induces passive motion into the spine for the purpose of stretching spinal joints and increasing their mobility. More commonly known as "the roller table", IST helps to gently and effectively stretch your back muscles and reestablish normal range of motion to your spine. It also helps you "hold" your spinal adjustments longer, so you get faster results from our care, and ultimately require fewer visits to establish spinal stability in the long run...saving you time and money.


Intersegmental traction helps to reduce muscle spasms and increases your range of motion for your spinal joints (each vertebrae).  This also helps to prevent abnormal wear and tear on the vertebral discs and prevents further injury and reduces the arthritis process.



located inside the

BalanceRVA Building

10431 Patterson Avenue

Henrico, VA 23225


Office Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday  

9am - 1pm & 3pm - 6pm

(closed for lunch 1pm - 3pm)



9am - 1pm


After Hours office visits and Housecalls      

by appointment only  ($25 surcharge applies)

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