100% NO RISK


After nearly 30 years of helping literally thousands of your friends and neighbors feel better and heal better fast, Dr. Wild is so certain he can help you make a significant improvement in your health and wellbeing that he is willing to fully stand behind his work and offer you the following 100% NO RISK GUARANTEEs:

  • Spinal Relief Care Package - while many people report feeling significantly better after their very first visit, most cases of spinal joint inflammation and nerve irritation have actually been a long time in the making and can require some time to repair. If you're new to the chiropractic healing experience and not really sure how long it will take to feel better, keep in mind that the best results and longest-lasting relief typically come with frequent repetitive visits in the beginning.

 Dr. Wild suggests a series of 12 visits, broken down to 3x per week over 4 weeks,   to feel better as fast as possible and have it last as long as possible. 


We know this may sound like a large commitment to someone who isn't familiar with chiropractic treatment, so you may be hesitant to fully "dive in" and follow our recommendations. Don't worry, Dr. Wild gets it. That's why when you decide to pre-pay for a Spinal Relief Care Package, you not only save $100 over the regular per visit fee but you also get Dr. Wild's 100% NO RISK MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - if you honestly can say you don't feel significantly better after 6 visits within two weeks (3x per week), we will discontinue your treatment and you will receive a FULL REFUND for the remaining visits in your care package, no questions asked, and you can even keep the savings. No problem. No kidding.


So what do you have to lose?

Begin a Spinal Relief Care Package today so you can start feeling better fast!


  • Spinal Restoration Care Package - after completing a Spinal Relief Program, most people quickly realize that they really don't want to ever fall back into that painful state of spinal dysfunction and disrepair that prompted them to start chiropractic care in the first place if they can help it. Well, they ( and you ) can help it...with Spinal Restoration Care! When you commit to working toward the long-term benefits of improving your spinal health and functioning by completing a 6 month Spinal Restoration Care Package, you not only save up to $840 over the cost of per visit care, but we guarantee you will also get measurable improvement in spinal structure and balance if you do everything we ask you to do.​ 


A Spinal Restoration Care Package includes completing a specific number and frequency of spinal adjustments exactly as outlined by Dr. Wild (a total of 40 - 56 visits, depending on your degree of spinal decay as seen on x-ray), taking daily joint repair supplements (if necessary), wearing spinal stabilizing shoe inserts (if necessary), and performing daily rehabilitation exercises specific to your spinal needs. Pre and post-program spinal x-rays are required to objectively measure for improvement in spinal structure and balance, the presence of which will indicate successful spinal restoration for the purpose of this guarantee. If you complete the program exactly as we recommend and x-rays taken immediately following program completion do not show any improvement in spinal structure and balance, you will receive a FULL REFUND of the entire Spinal Restoration Care Package fee paid for your spinal adjustments, no strings attached. Guaranteed.


How's that for peace of mind?


There's no reason to suffer any longer!


Begin a Spinal Restoration Program

and kiss your pain and dysfunction good-bye.


What other doctor do you know who is willing to do that?

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